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About Me

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I got my first camera when I was 12 years old from my mom. 

What was photography for me back then? Fun...

I guess every photographer started like this. Fun, hobby, interest toward pictures and trying to express themselves through pictures. This is how I started my journey too, I photographed everything that moved or not. 

Throughout the years I have discovered my passion for photographing people which is so exciting because I love to see how my client's life is growing and filling up with happiness. I photograph people, woman, man, young or old, pregnant ladies or the whole family.

My dream is to be a part of your life as my client and document every big moment from your new partner, your engagement, wedding, to your first child, and pictures as a new family. 

I currently work as a mobile photographer to make it easier for families.

I mainly focus on the happy, natural moments during a photoshoot over the prepared poses as I believe the spontaneous moments will be the best memories that you will happily look back to over the years. 

For the safety of my clients and especially their babies, I am also First Aid trained regularly. 

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London, United Kingdom

Tel: 07535 883 444

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